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South Korea Certification Services

South Korea Product Certification Services

Before selling certain products in South Korea, the manufacturer and/or importer of the product must ensure it meets South Korean product certification standards.

Electrical and electronic products must have KC certification to be sold in South Korea. The KC certification mark demonstrates that these products meet safety requirements, in addition to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) standards.

Other certifications may be necessary, depending on the type of electrical product. Products may require KEMCO certification to demonstrate energy efficiency or KFDA certification to ensure the safety of medical devices.

Refer to the links below for more information on each South Korean product certification.


Discipline: Safety, EMC, Wireless
andatory/ Voluntary: M
Annual Follow-up Inspections: No
Validay Period: 5 years
Mark Required: Yes
Local Rep: Yes

Types of South Korea Product Certification

The first step to entering the South Korean market is to determine whether the product is subject to mandatory safety certification. More than 50 product categories—including heavy machinery and other products that carry risks for consumers—are subject to Type 1, mandatory KC certification. These products must be tested in South Korea by a lab certified by Korea Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS).

Over 90 product categories are subject to Type 2, self-declaration certification, in order to be sold in South Korea. These products are generally less hazardous to consumers, such as audio/visual (A/V) and information technology equipment (ITE). They are not subject to mandatory lab testing in South Korea or factory inspections, but they must be certified by (and registered with) KATS to legally enter the market.

The remaining 33 product categories, covering products less than 50V or otherwise less risky for consumers, only need a Declaration of Conformity, or DoC. No KATS certification or registration is required, but the products must meet safety standards through in-house or third-party testing.

The experts at G&M Compliance can help you determine the specific type of certification you need, and therefore what testing, inspection, and certification requirements you need to meet.

How to Get Products Certified in South Korea

If your product is subject to mandatory KC certification, you should be prepared to do the following:

  • Determine which South Korean standard applies to your product (and if multiple standards apply).
  • Fill out necessary certification documents and application forms.
  • Develop a testing plan for the products and wireless modules (if applicable).
  • Work with South Korean authorities and in-country representatives to arrange testing and factory inspections (if applicable).
  • Ship product samples to South Korea and clear them through customs.
  • Review testing results and address any issues raised during product testing.
  • Submit final test reports to the appropriate certification authorities.
  • If approved, apply the KC certification mark to the product in accordance with KC regulations.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of steps to obtain KC certification. Be sure to consult an experienced compliance agency like G&M Compliance to learn more about requirements for your specific product.

KC certification must be renewed after a certain period of time for products to remain on the market. G&M Compliance offers the Certificate Alert & Tracking System (CATS) to help companies stay on top of expirations and renewals to avoid costly penalties or removal from the South Korean market.

G&M Compliance: Your Partner for South Korea Product Certification

G&M Compliance is a full-service compliance partner for South Korea certification. We have relationships with Korean certification bodies and local representatives to ensure the certification process goes smoothly, bringing your product to market faster.

Whether you are seeking KC certification for the first time or looking for an easier way to track and renew certifications, G&M Compliance can help. Contact G&M Compliance today to learn more about product certification for South Korea.