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About Us

About Us

Message from the CEO: 

Our Vison at G&M is to provide a streamlined certification/homologation process for our customers, so they can focus on growing their businesses.  Whether it’s a field evaluation of a one-off product, or homologation of a product line for global markets, we want to get involved early so that our knowledge of requirements and processes can provide maximum value.   

G&M is on the customer side of the certification fence.  We utilize our expertise in homologation/certification to help our customers break through or avoid certification barriers.  Certification bodies, both domestic and international, are often very bureaucratic organizations with policies that can impede the certification process.  It is our goal to provide our customers with a certification path or even an internal certification process that is efficient and cost effective. 

G&M Compliance was started in 1997 by engineers with a vision of using their technical expertise and understanding of certification requirements to help manufacturers obtain domestic and European certifications.  We realized early on that having a solid grasp of the technical fundamentals was essential in developing and conveying common-sense certification programs.  As the saying goes: “The devil is in the details”. Our experience is, if you don’t have a firm grasp of them, you’ll be facing the horns.

As more and more manufacturers began looking to market and sell their products globally, we were subject to differing and changing certification procedures.  Although the fundamental certification requirements had not changed, the certification processes would now vary widely from market to market.  As this shift took place, we began to shift our focus to understanding these procedures.  We can now develop technically and procedurally sound homologation programs, and we want to share this capability with all our customers.   

As a small business, our entire team must be aware of what it takes to make a business successful.  Some of the ingredients that come to mind are:   The ability to market and sell products or services, utilization of core competencies to differentiate products or services, and continual improvement of delivery times by streamlining internal processes.  With our expertise accompanied by an understanding of these business principals, we are able to assist our customers by: 

  • Homologating product lines to expand sales into new markets 
  • Removing homologation related distractions to improve focus on core competencies 
  • Streamlining homologation processes to reduce certification costs and enable quicker market access and delivery 

Whether you require field, domestic, or international certifications, we have the experience and tools to produce a fast, efficient, common-sense approach.  Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best. 

All The Best,

Paul Milton